Now, we are moving up to the next level of coffee grinders – all of which are burr coffee grinders available for under $200, and these are a different breed of grinder altogether from the more inexpensive models. These coffee grinders are bigger and badder and give you more bang for your buck, with a ton of great features. This is why we say they’re the best available in 2019!

With LCD screens, removable hoppers, and extremely adjustable grinding capabilities, you won’t find any blade grinders on this list at all, since the higher quality coffee grinders on the market are exclusively and without exception burr grinders.

Best Burr Coffee Grinders Under $200:

1. The Baratza Encore

The Baratza Encore is a great coffee grinder for those who are looking for quality grinds without spending too much. It is a great entry-level grinder that can do a variety of grinds, from coarse to fine. It’s also very easy to operate and is built to last. It has some great features that make it a desirable option, such as:

  • 40 grind settings, which gives you plenty of flexibility to find the perfect grind for your needs
  • A conical burr grinder, which helps to preserve flavor and aroma by grinding coffee beans slowly and evenly
  • An auto-shutoff feature, which helps to preserve energy and keep your machine safe

Here we have another conical steel burr grinder in the form of the Baratza Encore, that also has a great reputation with buyers.

Baratza, like Breville, knows their grinders, and the Encore is definitely a go-to for many coffee and espresso buffs who want something relatively inexpensive, but are willing to invest more than $50 to get a more precise grind.

To compare with the previous grinder, each have 40 mm conical steel burrs, which are adjustable, making the Encore and the BCG450XL quite comparable.

2. The Capresso 565 Infinity

The Capresso 565 Infinity is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable espresso machine. It has a lot of great features, including a built-in burr grinder and programmable buttons. This machine is also very easy to use, making it perfect for beginners.

One of the best things about the Capresso 565 Infinity is its built-in burr grinder. This means that you don’t have to purchase a separate grinder, which can be costly. The grinder is adjustable, so you can customize your coffee to your own preferences.

The Capresso 565 Infinity also has programmable buttons, which allow you to easily brew your favorite drinks. You can also set the machine to automatically shut off, so you don’t have to worry about it shutting off prematurely.

The Capresso 565 Infinity is also very easy to use. The buttons are clearly labeled and the machine is simple to operate. This makes it perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a machine that is easy to use.

Overall, the Capresso 565 Infinity is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable espresso machine with lots of features. It is easy to use and has a built-in burr grinder, which makes it perfect for any coffee lover.

3. The Hario Slim Grinder

The Hario Slim Grinder is a great addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal. It has some great features that make it stand out from the competition.

First and foremost, the Slim Grinder has a sleek, minimalist design. This makes it easy to use and easy on the eyes. It also fits easily into any kitchen décor.

Second, the Slim Grinder has a powerful motor that can grind beans quickly and efficiently. This means that you can get your morning cup of coffee without having to wait long.

Third, the Slim Grinder is adjustable, so you can customize the grind size to your liking. This ensures that you’ll always get the perfect cup of coffee, no matter what beans you’re using.

Fourth, the Slim Grinder is easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the grinding chamber and wash it in soap and water. This makes cleanup a breeze.

All in all, the Hario Slim Grinder is a great option for anyone who wants a high-quality coffee grinder. It has everything you need to get the perfect cup of coffee every time. So, if you’re looking for a new grinder, be sure to check out the Hario Slim Grinder. You won’t be disappointed.


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