Part of any espresso machine set up. Whether for a home set up or a professional set up, a critical tool that is often overlooked is the espresso machine towel or the barista towel. This is a critical piece of basic equipment that every espresso setup should have, but what makes an espresso machine towel good, and which towels are best?

The best espresso machine towels are made by Rhino Coffee Gear, Crema Pro, and Joe Frex. All of these barista towels are designed for use specifically for cleaning and maintaining an espresso station, either in the home or in a café. There is no better towel for these purposes than barista towels.

Having a good barista towel or a small stack of barista towels is invaluable for an espresso setup. Let’s take the time to learn why having a good towel is so important, what to look out for in a good towel an espresso machine station, and some of the best barista towels available right now.

Best Espresso Machine Towels:

1. Rhino Coffee Gear Barista Cloths

Rhino Coffee Gear Barista Cloths are certainly not your average bar rags. These clothes are a little expensive, but they are built to last for a lifetime. These cloths are hardy, tough, and everything that you could ever want from a barista towel.

The best option here is to buy the Rhino Coffee Gear cloth set that comes with four barista towels, each designed for a specific purpose. The set comes with two steam wand cloths, one all-purpose cloth with an eyelet and clip, and a fourth multi-purpose cloth that is designed to be extra absorbent and specializes in cleaning and polishing metallic equipment.

Regarding barista cloths, there are none better than the cloths produced by Rhino Coffee Gear. They will last for your entire coffee-brewing career, they will always work well, and they are purpose-built for use behind a coffee bar, and so will provide you with the solution to every coffee clean-up situation.

2. Crema Pro Barista Towels

A favorite among many baristas is the Barista Towels from Crema Pro. A long-standing company in the coffee industry, Crema Pro provides baristas with all of the tools that they require to perform in their profession well and as efficiently as possible.

Part of the range of barista tools made by Crema Pro is professional-grade barista towels. These towels are well proven, having been owned and used by many baristas for years. These towels are well-made, reliable, and provide all baristas with a good towel for every use.

The best option from Crema Pro is also a towel set that is designed to provide multi-purpose use for baristas. The 2-Pack Barista Towel Set comes with a larger all-purpose towel with an eyelet and included carabiner for easy attachment to an apron or a belt loop. The second towel in the set is a smaller cloth that is made to be as absorbent as possible for cleaning up spills.

With this towel combination, the barista will be able to tackle any and every bit of cleaning required behind the espresso bar with ease and confidence.

3. Joe Frex Barista Cloths

Joe Frex may be a somewhat unknown brand, but they are making waves in the coffee industry right now with innovative and well-designed barista equipment that puts many other brands to shame.

There is a range of barista cloths and towels available from Joe Frex, but the two best options are the 4-piece barista cloth set and the steam wand towel from Joe Frex.

The cloth set comes with multiple barista towels that are ideal for use as multi-purpose espresso machine clothes. All of the cloths in this set are multi-purpose towels, but the varying sizes make them ideal for different tasks behind the bar.

Another specialized cloth that is available only from Joe Frex is the Barista Steam Want Cloth. This cloth is specially designed for steam wands but is a multi-functional micro-fiber cloth as well.

The steam wand cloth from Joe Frex is made with a layer of heat-resistant silicone within the layers of the cloth. This means that the cloth is ideal for use on hot steam wands and allows a barista to clean a steam want while steaming and not even feel the heat, never mind get burned.


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