You love espresso, but do you know what espresso really is?

Maybe you do. If so, skip this section and check out our list of the best Krups espresso machines below.

If you don’t, consider this your crash course.

Best Krups Espresso Machine:

1. Krups EA9010 Super-Automatic

A do-it-all, super-automatic behemoth, the Krups EA9010 brews 17 preset drinks at the push of a button. With an integrated grinder and automatic steam nozzle, each cup is hot and fresh for a luxurious experience.

2. Krups XP4600 Semi-Automatic

Part of the Krups Silver Art Collection, the XP4600 pump espresso machine has a 15-bar pump, Thermoblock heating element, and Precise Tamp Technology for complete and even extraction (plus a few bonus features).

3. Krups EA8250 Super-Automatic

A super-automatic machine at a semi-automatic’s price, the Krups EA8250 offers do-it-all convenience at a lower price point. Unfortunately, you might get what you pay for as the grinder and steamer tend to have issues.


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